Žagar Reloaded

Žagar Reloaded

Žagar gave an exceptional performance on Friday at PRLMNT. The band surprised the audience with a plethora of audiovisual novelties on the first concert of their Uplifted tour. We sat down with Balázs Zságer for a quick interview to tell us more.

Your old songs can be heard in a revamped, more energetic way on the Uplifted concert. Why did you decide to rework your songs?

There’s been an increased need on the part of the audience to include some older tracks, so we thought we could bring back some of those. However, we didn’t want to play them just as they were in their original versions. Besides, we thought it was time we mixed it up a bit in terms of our live repertoire. We were inspired by electronic dance music for the most part.

You released 4 albums with your own music so far. Why do you feel the need to cover songs from other artists as well?

We didn’t cover other people’s songs, we just rearranged remixes of our songs done by others. We reworked different interpretations of our songs that accumulated over the years, from such producers as Moonbootica, Miami Kidz, Erik Sumo or Goldierocks.

You prepared some special visuals for your first Uplifted gig. Can you tell us something about this?

Imagine the scattered fragments of a cut-up canvas on stage, like when you try to piece together a broken mirror but the pieces don’t quite fit. These fragments will be filled with visual contents with video mapping technology, thanks to Kemuri and (for the installation) Super33.

The debut of your album Light Leaks was around this time last year. Now that a year has passed, how do you see the influence of the album’s release on the band?

Most of the responses came from the foreign professional press. Quite a few English and Benelux music blogs wrote about it, and some of the tracks were even picked up by BBC Radio. Perhaps the band was able to get on the map of electronic music a bit more.

Are you planning on making another music video for the album?

Yes, we would like to shoot a video for the track Dream of a Machine in the summer.

How is 2014 shaping up for you so far? Do you have any specific plans?

We would like to release two remix EPs from Light Leaks. Other than that, our first two albums will be re-released digitally, with bonus tracks.

What about the festivals this year? Any domestic or foreign appearances?

We’ll be playing in the main concert hall of Warsaw’s Radio 3 at the end of May. Then we’re off to join the festivals. Hopefully we’ll be there at all the important ones.

I was still in my high school years when I heard one of your songs in CSI New York. I’ve always been curious, how did Eastern Sugar make its way into a crime series?

Our previous label (UCMG / Ugar) sent a song from our album Local Broadcast to the creators of the series. Since then, we have had three of our tracks appear in various episodes.

Next stops of the Uplifted tour: Egri Csillag Borfesztivál, Hang-Ár (Kaposvár)

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