Party weapon loaded – interview with Tiger & Woods

Party weapon loaded – interview with Tiger & Woods

Tiger & Woods are known for putting a modern twist on good ol’ disco beats – and also for being real secretive when it comes to their faces. We asked the dynamic duo, who will make an appearance on Budapest Essentials, about their roots, their plans and their live show.

What was your first experience with music that made you decide on the path you’re on now?

Larry Tiger: When I was 15 I saved the money for a couple of turntables and a crappy mixer… The moment I tried I realized it was just the only thing I really wanted to do! Then I started collecting funk and disco records and later came the production side.

David Woods: When I was a kid I was working in a record store and most of my music influences come from there. I developed my entire taste in between a Kraftwerk record and a Prince record … not to mention a huge dose of UK electropop and clearly all the early acid house from Chicago. I’ve been making different electronic styles in 20 years, but right now, and since few years, I’m feeling closer to my boogieish / funk side of my roots. I constantly feel the need of “updating” the sound I grew up with, in order to make it “blendable” with the more contemporary tunes.

You already released a handful of EPs since your 2011 debut album. Are you working on any new material (possibly for another full-length) at the moment?

LT & DW: Yes we are working on a lot of stuff. There’s a new album in the pipeline, and to be honest, it’s kinda ready. We’re just missing some legal parts of the operation so we cannot announce anything. There will be two 12″ coming out before that, and as usual some remixes. While waiting for clearances and stuff we are just experimenting a new structure of the live show which is a big part of what our project is about.

Do you prefer DJ sets or playing live? What can one expect when going down to check out one of your live shows?

LT & DW: We usually prefer to play live, but as we said before, we are developing a new concept called EXTENDED, which combines the DJ set to our live show, mixing our beats into other people’s beats, and doing edits on the fly. The only problem is that it takes an entire night to do that. We did the first test of the EXTENDED show in London at Plastic People. We played for 6 hours and it has been an incredible experience. So, right now you can expect a lot of new tunes at the show, and you will see those tracks coming from our Live Edit Machines … those amazing boxes/cases we posted few times on our Facebook. It’s our party weapon … and all in studio mobile which allows us to do everything.


Are you more analog synth type of guys or do you lean more towards purely digital means? Have you tried (or do you try) mixing them in your work and/or live gigs?

LT & DW: We are strongly analog, but we do not use this as a unique technique. To be honest we do use a lot of digital stuff as well, we basically mix techniques and styles with no problems. Well the live show is a bit different as it’s heavily sample based. Samples which come from our studio equipment though (so mostly analog)! Lately we’ve been bringing a modern analog mono synth to the shows. Who knows what’s gonna happen next.

When I listen to your music I can almost imagine some kind of retro-ish laid-back “cool guy” action flick set on sunny beaches (with lots of partying of course). If given the chance, what kind of movie would you provide a soundtrack to?

LT: “Beverly Hills Cop”

DW: I would say… “Beat Street”.

You can catch Tiger & Woods playing live on Budapest Essentials at Urimuri on May 31.


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