Beyond the frequency – interview with Szabi Papp

Beyond the frequency – interview with Szabi Papp

We last sat down to talk with the frontman of Supernem well before the album release. This time we will evaluate the new record with Szabi Papp, who will also hint at what’s to come: music videos and concerts, that is. Attention, highly recommended reading!

Your latest record Túl a frekvencián [Beyond the Frequency] was released more than a month ago. How would you rate it?

Szabi Papp: It’s a pretty killer record. I feel like how I do with all our previous albums: “oh god, it’s so slap-dash!” I’ve heard other musicians saying stuff like this too. But of course we’re very pleased since all the thoughts and sounds that made it to the album are quintessential Supernem.

Some people say this isn’t a radio friendly record at all. Well, for one, thanks for that guys, but otherwise we don’t really know why the world isn’t evolving with us. In all seriousness, I think there are quite a few radio friendly tracks on there. Besides, we’ve never been a bloodthirsty bunch… In my opinion Supernem plays popular music, in the best of the word ‘pop’. We have all that insane distortion of course, especially on the new album, but I don’t think that should be a determining factor whether something’s pop or not. We deliberately chose the title and that disgusting cover – I’m still repulsed by it to this day. The magic number eight is central to Túl a frekvencián, just like to the TuFa Pop album. We chose these eight tracks from more than ten semi-finished songs.

The new tunes complement our live setlist quite well too. If you go to a Supernem gig these days, you’ll find that we really go through everything, whether it’s just one guitar or total rocking out, slow jamming or switching to lightning speed. We consciously put everything together to show off all our extremes.

What are the crowd’s reactions so far?

Szabi Papp: There are old-school fans who were like “hell yeah!” when our song Egy a millióból was released and who also dug the new record. We mostly got reactions and opinions from other musicians this time around, but I wouldn’t really know since I’m not on Facebook for example. It was a bit like they conspired in advance because they were all saying the same things. This pleases me immensely because this means that they see what we tried to achieve with certain songs and the whole album itself. So it’s a direct hit! Naturally, the label freaked out how we’re going to sell this. I replied, “But we’re not selling any records anyway!” Well, what can you say?


I’ve heard that you’ll begin working on your new music video in a couple of weeks. Can you tell us more about this?

Szabi Papp: I don’t even dare to. Knowing us, it’s best if I don’t say anything, seeing as how some things we promised in the past didn’t quite turn out the way we planned – or didn’t turn out at all. We’ll try making a new video by all means, and when it’s ready I’d like for us to do another interview to talk about it.

Then let’s talk about the recent release of the video footage from last year’s Kispál-day at Fishing On Orfű. What are your memories of that festival?

Szabi Papp: It’s not like I’ve been all over Europe going to various fests (though I did attend some), but in my humble opinion it’s one of the best – if not ‘the’ best – festivals ever! It holds the number 1 position in our imaginary top 3 list, that’s why we always go with the family, even if we’re not playing. There’s the scenic view, the partying, plus some of our dear friends organize it, so a fun little company of friends formed there over the years. It’s almost like a big camp with all those musicians around. We’re really stoked for our gig at Orfű this year. We’ll prepare the same programme for Friday as well, in the sense that we’ll be playing after Quimby on the main stage. This mini-lineup did perfectly last year too.

The audience of the capital city will see you in the Park next week. What do you have in store for the fans?

Szabi Papp: That’s right, we’ll be playing Budapest Park on June 28. To be honest, we always think of stuff to make the gigs more fun. We’ve never been that sort of band who invites guest musicians. It isn’t because we don’t like anybody, on the contrary, all the musicians are my good friends and I have a lot to thank to some of them to be where I am now. It’s just that Supernem is not that kind of band. Tibi said it all when he told me, “Listen, Szabi. We’ll go on stage and play the hell out of our songs, because that’s what everyone wants.” I hope lots of people come and are interested because we put a lot of work into it, and we want to make a killer show with Ozone Mama. Especially since Park is a world-class venue with an excellent stage that makes it real fun to play.

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